Docker vs Kubernetes | For Data Science

What is Docker?

docker is a platform used to containerize your Model, using which you can easily build your final model application, package them with the dependencies required for deploy application into the container and further these containers are easily deployment model and run on the other machine right.

what is containers?

create templates for model using lightweight virtual machines called as containers.

Docker Features

  • easy and faster configuration : this is one of a key feature of docker in which you can easily deploy a code in less time and effort.
  • easily use swarm : it is a self-organizing group of engines that is used to enable pluggable backends. it is a clustering and scheduling tool for docker containers. whose swarm uses the docker API as its front end.
  • security: docker allows us to save secrets into the swamp. itself and then choose to give services. access to certain secrets it includes some important commands to the engine like secret inspect, secret create.

What Is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a container management system developed in the Google platform it helps you to manage a containerized Model (application) and various types of physical virtual and cloud environments.

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Kubernetes Features

  • runs everywhere: Kubernetes is an open source tool and gives you the freedom to take advantage of on-premises hybrid or public cloud infrastructure.
  • interacts: containers Kubernetes is able to manage more clusters at the same time. Also Provide security networking and storage services.
  • self monitoring : checks constantly the health of nodes and containers.
  • horizontal scaling: allows you scaling resources not only vertically but also horizontally easily and quickly

Docker VS Kubernetes

  • installation :
    • Dockers installation is quite easier by using fewer commands you can install docker on your virtual machine or even on cloud.
    • kubernetes installation is provided to be quite difficult than docker and even commands for kubernetes are quite complex
  • GUI:
    • docker does not provide any dashboard no GUI.
    • kubernetes it does provide you a GUI that the shape of a web-based UI dashboard.
  • popularity and trends
    • docker is more popular than kubernetes in terms of search as well as the community.

Docker Installation instructions In Windows And Other OS

Go To This Url

Final OutCome

Focus on your work, not on maintaining and complex software dependencies and Reproduce your experiments

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