Django Vs Flask

django vs flask

Flask and Django are two popular Python web frameworks that you can use to create web applications. While Flask has more features and is more flexible, Django offers more flexibility and customization. You should consider the following factors when choosing between the two frameworks: each offers different benefits. The most important advantage of Flask is … Read more

Parallel Processing in Python

parallel processing in python

Parallel Processing allows you to make use of the power of modern hardware to process large data sets. The multiprocessing and subprocess modules in Python provide an easy way to explore the capabilities of parallel processing. This article will concentrate on the basics of parallel Python and multiprocessing. For more examples, see the following sections. … Read more

ARIMA Model in Python

ARIMA Model in Python

If you’re familiar with time series analysis, you’ve probably heard about the ARIMA Model. It stands for “AutoRegressive Integrated Movement Average”, and is a powerful method for time series forecasting. The model has several components, including p, d, and q, which refer to the size of the moving average window. It’s very easy to implement … Read more

10 NumPy Exercises to Analyze Data in Python

NumPy Exercises in Python

In this article, we will look at 10 NumPy exercises for Data Analysis in Python. While some of these examples may seem too simplistic for the advanced students, they are a great way to get a sense of how this language works. You can try them and see what you learn. We hope you find … Read more

Understanding Boxplots Using Python

Boxplots Using Python

The shape of the data is an important aspect of the boxplot. The boxplot’s shape is used to represent the distribution of a population or sample in statistical analysis. This helps in analysing the data and drawing appropriate conclusions. Generally, the shape of the boxplot is symmetric. If the distribution contains more outliers that quartiles, … Read more

Forecasting | Time Series Forecasting | R And Python

Time Series Forecasting

What Is Forecasting? Forecasting is a process of prediction or estimating the future based on past and present data. Example: how many passenger can we expect in a given flight?, weather forecasting, stock price forecasting. Forecast means to contrive or scheme before hand; to arrange plan before execution. What Is Time Series Forecasting? Time Series … Read more

What Is a Lambda Function in Python?

lambda function in python

Lambda functions are a special type of function in Python. These are small, restricted functions that don’t require an identifier and which return a list of results. The map and reduce functions will be used to calculate sales taxes in the following example. The map function will calculate the sales tax for each element of … Read more