What  IS  Datascience  & 6+ Opportunity

What is Data science ?

Data science is a term given to the art of analyzing raw data in any form, (structured, or unstructured) to discover any hidden patterns. Various applications and tools such as machine learning, coding in various computer languages PHP, C++, SQL, HTML, etc. and sophisticated algorithms are all used in this process.

1.Airline Route Optimization

In World Most OF People Hobby Is Travelling. But In Life Every Human Desire For Seat On Airline. In Airline Industry Use data Science For Short And Safe Route

2. Digital Marketing  Or Targeted- Advertising

In Digital Marketing Use Data Science For Create AI Content, Predicting Ranking Based On Backlinks in SEO

3.Internet Surfing

Well Know Example IS Youtube TikTok. They Use Data Science For recommendation video


Gaming Industry Is Booming. Every Beating App Use data science For Predict And Forecasting Investment

5. Image  and  Speech recognition

Well Knowing Example Is Alexa, Siri