Different types of sampling

different types of sampling

There are two main types of sampling: convenience and systematic. Convenience sampling is done at retail outlets, such as the mall. Startups and NGOs use it to distribute leaflets promoting products or causes. The sample is not available to those who answered “no”. Both methods work, but convenience sampling is less expensive than systematic sampling. … Read more

What is Data Munging?

What is Data Munging

Data munging is a process of transforming raw data into usable data. The first step is to organize and normalize the raw data. This makes the data processing easier, and it also removes invalid values, empty cells, and other errors. Sometimes, raw files contain large amounts of duplicate and corrupted data. These problems can be … Read more

How to Find Eigenvectors From the Eigenspace of a Matrix

how to find eigenvectors

We can learn how to find eigenvectors from the eigenspace of a matrix by using the Eigenvectors function. Its name is derived from its meaning as the eigenspace of a matrix is one with at least two dimensions. The eigenvectors are also the eigenvalues for a matrix. It is important to understand their values and … Read more

What Is a Lambda Function in Python?

lambda function in python

Lambda functions are a special type of function in Python. These are small, restricted functions that don’t require an identifier and which return a list of results. The map and reduce functions will be used to calculate sales taxes in the following example. The map function will calculate the sales tax for each element of … Read more